To blog or not to blog?


Yet again, I have slacked on posting, although for a different reason this time.  You see, I posted 4 updates within a week or so in mid-May.  While I try not to spend too much time pouring over word choice and structure (stream of consciousness seems to work out best anyways), it did take some time putting them together.  Time that could have been spent going on more dates or, more realistically, catching up on much needed sleep.  So, to my disappointment, not many people were reading after I started posting again.

Yes, that makes two posts in a row with images of someone crying. Maybe my last "relationship" has made me go all emo?

Now, I could chalk this up to the fact that I don’t actively advertise my blog, or the fact that I had gone radio silent for so long.  However, those that either WERE reading or were aware of my crazy life choices were starting to give me some negative press.  People seemed to fall into one of three camps:

1.  Your posts are too long and rambling.  Get to the point.

2.  This was entertaining at first, but I’m over it now.  On to the next thing.

3.  Now you’re going too over the top with this whole dating multiple women thing.  I think you’re just doing it for the stories and attention.

I’m inferring some here, but some of it was direct feedback.  After taking some time to think over these, here are my responses to each camp.

1.  You may have a point.  I can tend to ramble.  I’ll work on it.  However, the person who gave me this feedback also has ADD, so I have to take some of it with a grain of salt.

2.  It’s possible that I had my 15 minutes of fame.  Or maybe I was out of the game for too long.  Maybe starting the blog back up was like asking lightning to strike twice.

Sure, Screech’s crazy antics were still good for the occasional laugh or two, but look where those pity laughs landed him today.

3.  This one I had to give some serious thought to.  Was I doing it for attention?  Then I was given the advice: “You should take a month off from dating and just enjoy yourself.”  But…I WAS enjoying myself.  Take a month off from dating?  Take a month off from meeting new people, having interesting conversations, finding myself in crazy situations and living to tell about it all (so far at least)?  That sounds like pretty much the worst advice possible.  I couldn’t envision a scenario later in my life where I’d look back and say, “Man, I sure did have too much fun.  I really should have taken some time off to get to know ME.”

Ok, but do I actively put myself in harm’s way just to have something to write about?  The answer to that is no.  This will sound a bit cheesy, but I’ve kind of been approaching these situations the way Jim Carrey did in Yes Man.

Yes, I know that the point in the end is that even Carrey has to show some self-restraint and responsibility, but…shut up!  I haven’t gotten to that point in my own personal movie yet.  We’re still in the uplifting stage where everything is going right and I’m throwing caution to the wind.  I’ll learn my own personal lessons later.  Who are you anyways, the Fun Police?  Even if by the time all is said and done, everyone has tired (or grown completely disgusted) of my antics, I think at least I will be able to look back years from now and get a good chuckle out of it myself.  That has to count for something.

So to summarize this long “rambling” post: game on!  And if you’re reading this blog and made it to this point, you’re probably angry that I haven’t mentioned one word about a date yet.  Well, time’s up for tonight, but I’ll have a post up by Thursday night at the latest.  I’ll be picking up as of May 17th.  And I’m dating 5 people.


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