Exception 3


Out of three.  Then we’re almost all caught up to today which will hopefully make more frequent updates easier.

I had originally intended this “exception” to be about the time I drove a whopping 75 miles to pick this girl Amber up in Dover.  For some reason, I thought Dover was in northern Delaware and didn’t really bother to look ahead of time.  I punched her address into the GPS and it told me 38 miles on 95.  Ok, not great, but not horrible.  After I reached that milestone and it told me 37 more miles though, that was a bit discouraging.

We went to Dover Downs (yes, more gambling).  Chronologically though, this actually happened before AC.  Aside from some other random girl hitting on me at the bar, hugging me, and then her boyfriend immediately threatening me, there wasn’t much more to mention here.

I almost didn’t go on the date at all.  I had seen pictures of her online ahead of time, and she looked pretty fine.  Somehow though we got into a texting exchange at one point, and she had really pushed me to take a live pic of myself while out on the town.  So I did.  I then asked her to do the same.  She said she was home in her nurse’s clothes with no makeup on.  “Oh come on, I’m sure you are still super hot.”  Yea, I was wrong.  I continue to paint a pretty unfavorable picture of myself in this blog, but I feel open disclosure is the way to go (all in the name of art?)  But it was basically like finding out Santa Claus didn’t exist.  Of course, I would have had to see her without makeup at some point in order for a relationship to form, but it was much too early in the process for this.  I shrugged it off with the thought that perhaps the lighting was poor, but yea, no.

Anyways, I babbled on about that longer than planned.  There are lots of other little crazy things I could talk about, but I want to start moving forward.  And I want to do it by first taking two steps back.

What do I mean?  Well, when I really started dating Ashley more seriously, I hit pause on the other girls I was talking to.  This left each of them in a different state of limbo.  Out of sheer laziness to repeat the whole cycle (plus the fact that a few of them have some real promise), I’m going to attempt to hit unpause.  Given the fact that it’s been 2-3 months, chances are they won’t give me the time of day, but hey, why not?  So I’m going to break protocol here and post some pics.  Chances are one of these girls is someone’s cousin and this will mark the beginning of the end for me.  I mean, there are 100 reasons why this is a bad idea.  Without further ado:

Alex: Exchanged several emails, just left her hanging without any message as to why.  Current plan of attack (but am open to suggestions): email her and tell her I was in a relationship and didn’t feel “right” continuing our conversation.  Honesty is the best policy?

Kristina: went on one date with her.  Nevermind the fact that I was pretty tanked since it was March Madness and I had been drinking for a few hours already and still slammed down 3 margaritas during the date.  She dug it.  She followed up with me after, I didn’t respond, and she followed up again.  I told her I liked her and had fun but was involved with someone now.  I also mentioned I’d contact her if it didn’t work out.  Well, she chose not to respond to that creepy (or maybe slimy is the better word) message, so I’m not counting on this one panning out.  Plan of attack: a less slimy email?

Kristen: also went on one date with her and it went well.  We kissed at the end, she said she had fun and wanted to do it again.  I did too, but the timing just wasn’t quite right.  Damn you, conscience!  Plan of attack: we had exchanged a number of texts, so I’m just going to go with an apology and a date request.

Neomi (yes, with an e): just a few email exchanges, a failed attempt to meet up on St. Patty’s.  So it’s been some time, but perhaps the most promising.  Plan of attack: an email sans apology – think I’m fine skipping that here.

Elisa: Ahh, the Holy Grail.  Yes, this is the same Elisa I had talked about many times before.  We talked on the phone several times.  I canceled plans on her once, she canceled them on me once.  Since we didn’t talk for another 2 months or so, the window may have closed.  Plan of attack: Email, limit the groveling and relationship excuse talk.


One Response to “Exception 3”

  1. 1 MJC

    Honesty is NEVER the best policy. Always make them laugh, never make them cry, and make them feel like they are now and will always be the only one. Even if, and most likely they are not.

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