The Return


I’m a pretty friendly guy.  I treat people well, am respectful of others’ opposing viewpoints, and really don’t pick unnecessary fights.  As a result, I find others generally treat me the same.  So the sheer animosity my friends directed towards me really hit home.  “Relationship?  What’s wrong with you?!”  “Do you plan on living with this one for six years before making a decision too?”  “You barely even know this girl and now you’re changing your Facebook status?  Who even does that, 15 year old girls?”  “The blog was your only worthwhile contribution to society, and now you’ve killed it.”  “You have really small ears.”  Ok, come on, that last one wasn’t even related!

I shrugged most of those off at the time (the ears comment really stung though, I can’t quite shake that one).  After all, my “girlfriend” was supposed to be leaving for Florida any day (which got postponed no less than 87 times).  My thought was that I liked her and was having fun, would ride it out for a little while, and then she’d move and life would go back to less than normal.  That happened, it just took a little longer than expected.

My initial thought was to give the rundown of what I’ve been up to over the last 3 months and give you some insight into how crazy this chick was (and believe me, it was pretty effin crazy).  But I don’t think I’m going to do that.  For one, it would probably be pretty assholish of me considering we did date for a few months.  Wait, you have a conscience now?  You go and date one girl and now you get all emo on us?  WTF?  But two, I would rather live in the now than in the past (you can chalk some of this up to laziness).  I will make three exceptions though.


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