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Exception 3


Out of three.  Then we’re almost all caught up to today which will hopefully make more frequent updates easier. I had originally intended this “exception” to be about the time I drove a whopping 75 miles to pick this girl Amber up in Dover.  For some reason, I thought Dover was in northern Delaware and […]

Exception 2


If I haven’t already destroyed any notion you may have had that I am a respectable, well-balanced, kind, mature individual…well, this will probably do it. Ashley had been mentioning going to Atlantic City for awhile now (can you see why I like this girl now?  Anyone that can not only tolerate my bad habits but […]



I’m breaking protocol.  This is not about my dating exploits.  This instead is about today, which happened to be the second day at my new job.  I really wasn’t sure how to dress, but I figured better to overdress than underdress.  I have a pair of pretty nice gray slacks I’ve had for some time […]

Exception 1


Sometimes knowing where to start the post is the most difficult part, especially considering that I’m writing about something that happened 2 months ago.  Do I start with “Ashley” (we’re going to continue with that being her name for consistency’s sake) showing up at my place for our 3rd date with a shrimp salad sandwich […]

The Return


I’m a pretty friendly guy.  I treat people well, am respectful of others’ opposing viewpoints, and really don’t pick unnecessary fights.  As a result, I find others generally treat me the same.  So the sheer animosity my friends directed towards me really hit home.  “Relationship?  What’s wrong with you?!”  “Do you plan on living with […]