That is the general consensus of my most recent course of actions.  But as many of you know, I’m in a “relationship” now (and if Facebook saying so doesn’t make it official, I don’t know what possibly would).  Even better that that has somehow led to my friends now becoming friends with her on Facebook.  Worlds are colliding!  They’re killing independent Rick!

In any event, the blog is on hold (although maybe not posting in over a month tipped that one off).  It’s not you, it’s me, I swear.  This isn’t goodbye.  We can still talk, I promise.  What’s the deal with guys always feeling the need to spit into urinals?   Maybe I’m breaking guy code for even talking about this, but it is one phenomenon I’ve never quite understood.  Have you just been walking around all day, dying to hock a loogey, and now this is your chance?  See, we can still have normal conversations outside of the standard dating drama!

Ok, maybe this is more awkward than I thought.  But I just felt employing the ignore technique wasn’t fair to you anymore.  I tried that once and it didn’t work out so well.  We need to learn from our mistakes, right?

Seriously though, thanks for reading.  Believe me, if we break up, I still have that “backlog of material” I promised (which only grows deeper), and will also hit the scene twice as hard.  But for now, I’m going to be a good “boyfriend.”  Just watch out for the inevitably uncomfortable “Rick is now single” status update and ensuing flurry of comments from all the same stooges that had to comment on my relationship status.  And then check back here for some good stuff.


One Response to “Lame”

  1. 1 Brian T

    thank god this didn’t stick. what a bullshit lame assed post.

    good to have you back Reibel 2.0!

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